Post Prom

The RMHS PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) Post Prom Committee sponsors a “post prom” cruise on The Spirit of Chicago located at Navy Pier in Chicago. Last year 424 students participated. They were transported to and from Navy Pier on luxury busses and enjoyed a beautiful moonlit cruise from 1-3 AM. It was a safe, fun-filled, chaperoned, alcohol free event, which took the burden of planning “what-to-to” after prom off the shoulders of our students!

Below is an approximate cost of Post Prom 2012.Cruise: $23,500 or $55 per student
Busses: $ 6,000 or $14 per student
Police Security / Mailing:  $ 850 or $ 2 per student
Total: $30,150 or $71 per student

However, students will be charged only $35 per ticket!

That means PTO plans to raise $15,275 to supplement Post Prom! This Post Prom event has been successful for 24 years at keeping our students safe on a night that without structure could be very dangerous and full of tough decisions. We need your financial and volunteer support to continue with this tradition. Please …